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EcoCAR 2 year 2 finals: update days eight and nine

Friends of EcoCAR 2,

Greetings from San Diego, where 15 teams are engaged in a suite of presentations ranging from highly technical topics to business and communications.
On Monday, the team reviewed their final presentation and turned in the final versions to the organizers.
Today, the actual presentations started, with each team represented by two students in each category.  The EcoCAR2 Buckeyes were involved in three presentations today:

10:30 Mechanical Presentation, Matt Organiscak, Eric Gallo, MAE students
1:45 Communications Presentation, Sarah Jadwin, Sarah Vasey, FCOB students
4:15 BP Sarah Vasey, FCOB student, Katherine Bovee, MAE student

Matt and Eric spent 30 minutes describing the complex details of the mechanical design of the OSU series-parallel hybrid design, detailing the design and fabrication of battery enclosures, mechanical transmission, modification to chassis and suspensio, the automated manual transmission, and the overall mechanical system integration.  They also explained the process followed to perform the requisite analysis and validation processes for each design, as well as the process used to turn thir computer-aided designs into manufactured parts, using the most sophisticated computer controlled manufacturing methods.  The presentation was delivered very well, and Matt and Eric fielded about 10 minutes of questions from some 10 judges from the automotive industry and national labs.

Later in the day, Sarah and Sarah gave an impressive account of the OSU EcoCAR2 communications and outreach program, including their k-12 and educator, industry, influencer and community outreach programs.  

Finally, Sarah V and Katherine gave the business presentation, detailing the finances, organization and operations of the team.

Overall, it is difficult to imagine that our students could have done a better job of presenting their work.  It was clear that the judges were suitably impressed.

More news tomorrow...

Go Bucks!

Giorgio Rizzoni