Özgüner earns IEEE Lifetime Achievement Award for Intelligent Transportation Systems Research

Posted: October 14, 2021
Umit Ozguner

Honoring a career spent continually advancing the forefront of engineering, Ohio State University Professor Ümit Özgüner won the 2021 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Lifetime Achievement Award.

Even more special; Özgüner was the founding President of the IEEE ITS Council, which turned into the IEEE ITS Society in 2005.

The professor remains active as Faculty Emeritus with Ohio State’s Electrical and Computer Engineering program and is current Transportation Research Center Chair in Intelligent Transportation Systems. He is also Director of the Crash Imminent Safety University Transportation Center.

Specifically, IEEE highlights Özgüner for his “pioneering contributions in research on intelligent vehicles and the founding of the IEEE ITS Society.”

The award is given annually for researchers, practitioners, and development in place to recognize for exemplary contributions to Intelligent Transportation Systems.

The mission of ITSS is to advance the theoretical, experimental, and operational aspects of electrical engineering and information technologies as applied to intelligent transportation systems actively developing and improving transportation systems of all kinds.

Özgüner received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois and has worked at IBM Research (Yorktown Heights), Istanbul Technical University, and Ohio State. He spent sabbaticals at Ohio Aerospace Institute and Ford Motor Company.

Ozguner’s research interests are in large-scale systems, decentralized control, intelligent transportation systems, and autonomous vehicles. He has over 400 publications and has advised over 25 students on their Ph.D. studies.

Written by Ryan Horns, Communications Specialist, ECE and IMR

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